Dog breeds

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Are You Interested in Learning About different dog breeds?

Would you like to learn more about your favorite dog breeds?

Perhaps you’d like to compare specific dog breeds’ more common characteristics and temperaments to help determine which breed may be best for you and your family?

If so, be sure to check out the following helpful websites:

  • American Kennel Club (AKC), described as “the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs,” offers a “Breed Explorer” search where you can:
    • explore by breed name, characteristic (e.g., activity level, coat type, size, shedding, trainability, and barking level), or group (e.g., AKC sporting group, toy group, terrior group, etc.)
    • answer a few simple questions to find the right dog for you
    • compare 5 different dog breeds side by side
    • locate information on all breeds in their “Breeds A – Z” tool
  • Your Dog Advisor similarly divides all of the hundreds of different dog breeds into categories based on a breed’s ancestry, appearance, and purpose. The different groups include working dogs, sporting dogs, hounds, terriers, herding dogs, non-working dogs, toy dogs, and mixed breeds. Each category is further divided into popular dogs and less well-known dogs within each breed. “Your Dog Advisor” also regularly posts “Breed Information Guides,” providing comprehensive information on specific breeds. Recent posts highlighted Mini Labradors, Utonagans (a Wolf Dog hybrid), and King Shepards.
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  • enables you to locate dog breeds and mixed breeds alphabetically, by AKC category, or by characteristics, including:
    • affectionate with family
    • dog friendly
    • amount of shedding
    • kid friendly
    • drooling potential
    • easy to groom
    • easy to train
    • energy level
    • friendly toward strangers
    • general health
    • good for novice dog owners
    • intelligence
    • intensity
    • exercise needs
    • potential for mouthiness
    • potential for playfulness
    • potential for weight gain
    • prey drive
    • sensitivity level
    • size
    • tendency to bark or howl
    • tolerates being alone
    • tolerates hot weather
    • tolerates cold weather
    • wanderlust potential
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  • PetFinder is dedicated to helping animal lovers find and adopt the right dog or puppy for you (as well as kittens and cats), providing multiple filters to search on what matters to you most, including:
    • breed
    • size
    • energy level
    • friendliness
    • ease of training
    • exercise requirements
    • vocality
    • affection needs
    • grooming requirements
  • PetFinder also enables you to search by category, including the following:
    • Large dog breeds
    • Medium dog breeds
    • Small dog breeds
    • Fluffy dogs
    • Hairless dogs
    • Most intelligent dogs
    • Best dogs for kids
    • Most popular dog breeds
    • Short-haired dogs
    • Long-haired dogs
    • Apartment dogs
    • Low-shedding dogs
    • Cutest dog breeds
    • Healthiest dog breeds
    • Emotional support dogs
    • Hypoallergenic dog breeds