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helpful resources to enhance your dog’s health, training, energy, and joy for life!

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As a lifelong dog and puppy lover, I’m so excited to have this opportunity to help dog, puppy, and other pet owners:

  • Find trusted healthful food products and treats
  • Favorite toys for growing pups and older dogs
  • Helpful, fun digital programs to assist in training, reducing anxiety, and more!

As an affiliate, my focus is on locating trusted pet resources and programs that contribute a percentage of their profits to supporting pet rescue groups and shelters and organizations dedicated to preventing animal cruelty and rescuing abandoned or lost animals.

As noted in my first blog post, “A Cancer Survivor’s Best Friend,” in my early 20s, while I was receiving chemotherapy and radiation for late-stage Hodgkin’s lymphoma, my beloved Springer Spaniel puppy, Sophie, literally watched over me and served as my canine guardian angel. During those frightening days, her care of me was truly life-affirming.

Therefore, in honor of Sophie and our so many canine healers, including all the rescue dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs who have actually rescued us, I’ve started this website We Love Canines! A Home and Community for Dog and Puppy Lovers Everywhere.”

My goal is to make this an informative, resource-rich website and blog (as well as for our sister We Love Dogs: a Cancer Survivor’s Best Friend Facebook Page and Group, including this important section called “Your Happy, Healthy Pet.” This is where I’ll share information on helpful, trusted pet care products and resources to enhance your dogs’ and puppies’ health, training, energy, and joy for life, so that I can help make a difference in the lives of our beloved dogs and puppies who bring so much love to so many of us!

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If you have any suggestions concerning trusted, favorite nutritional foods and treats, pet toys, training or other helpful digital services, and more, please consider sending an email to or sending a direct message on Twitter at @WhoLovesDogs4E1.

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My best to all of you, and please stay safe and well during this difficult time.

Hungry bark

Customized nutritional plans packed with superfoods to fulfill your dog’s or puppy’s unique nutritional needs

We all want our dogs to have long, happy, healthy lives. Hungry Bark has created a customized nutritional plan that is packed with superfood ingredients based on your dog’s unique needs, so they live longer and you can enjoy as much time together as possible.

Because every dog and puppy are different, Hungry Bark provides custom nutrition plans that are packed with superfoods, designed specifically for your dog or puppy and his or her special needs.

Hungry Bark agrees that our dogs are members of our families and that each has his or her own unique, distinct personalities, preferences, and nutritional needs. As pet owners, we want to know exactly which food is best for our dogs based on their age, activity level, breed, and nutritional needs.

Click here to learn more about Hungry Bark!

Hungry Bark is therefore dedicated to creating a Custom Meal Plan just for your canine best friend. In just 1 minute, they will create a customized plan designed for your dog by vets and pet nutritionists.

With Hungry Bark, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for you and your dog, with free returns. Hungry Bark is also dedicated to Giving Back to Dogs in Need, using their platform to directly support and spread the word on the importance of puppy and dog rescue.

Brain Training for Dogs

A Simple and Fun Training Strategy developed by one of America’s Top Professional Dog Trainers

Are you concerned that:

  • Your dog seems to be excessively stubborn and refuses to listen to you?
  • You’re having incredible difficulty training your puppy?
  • Your dog constantly is barking?
  • Your puppy or dog is chewing on shoes, sneakers, table ends, and pretty much everything within reach?
  • Your dog is constantly digging?
  • Your puppy or dog always jumps up when greeting visitors?
  • Your dog insists on jumping up on chairs, couches, and even your bed?
  • Your dog seems to have separation anxiety and is unusually anxious?
  • Your dog is unreasonably aggressive?
  • You often feel stressed and unable to control your dog?

Fortunately, Brain Training For Dogs” is now available, a new,tail-waggingly fun dog training course that can quickly and easily correct almost any canine behavior problem using simple, well-established techniques . Developed by Adrienne Farricelli, a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer, it includes 21 creative, entertaining, and simple games for both you and your dog. The science behind the program to correct poor behaviors is known as “neuroplasticity,” which is a well-established idea that has been heavily researched by Harvard and other leading universities. Neuroplasticity in the human brain as well as the canine brain has been likened to “soft plastic”–-i.e., the ability to mold and change new behaviors and habits.

As a special launch price, you can receive the entire dog training system plus several special bonuses, including access to an enormous achieve of resources that covers almost every behavioral problem a dog owner could imagine as well as FREE access to a bonus course, called “Behavior Training for Dogs.” All of this is now available to you for just $47 and, better yet, it comes with a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Be sure to click below for further details on this fun, effective program that will:

  • Help you develop a deeper understanding of your puppy’s or dog’s behavior
  • Boost your confidence in a way that your dog will recognize
  • Help your canine best friend to become happier and healthier, more active and playful, and a genuine joy to be around
  • Help your fur baby become truly the dog of your dreamseagerly listens to your every word. 🙂
Engaging Games for Your Canine Companion(s) that Will Also Create Special Memories Together

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